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The Knowledge Management Handbook

Want to understand the increasing importance of knowledge management, the basis it provides for digital transformation, and the skills needed to align your organization's entrenched knowledge with decision and process management technologies?

Download the Knowledge Management Handbook for our best articles at the intersection of business and technology.


KM eBook CoverWhy Vizuri?

Vizuri is the innovation hub for AEM Corporation. We transform business through creative software solutions that operate at the juncture between business and IT. As a result, we promote knowledge management through our experience in this space with clients of diverse size and structure, including multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Nearly a decade of business decisions, process automation, and knowledge management experience informs the guidance featured here and other articles we publish on these subjects in the context of digital transformation. Visit our blog at blog.vizuri.com for more.

This handbook covers the following areas:

  • Designing for the Knowledge Lifecycle
  • Creating an Organizational Concept of Operations
  • Building Small Domain Models
  • Controlling Knowledge Sharing
  • Adding Function and Flexibility with Microservice Design

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