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The Insurance Handbook to Digital Modernization

The insurance industry, traditionally slow to change and adapt, is now in a time of great transition. Download the Insurance Handbook for our best articles at the intersection of business and technology.


Insurance eBook CoverWhy Vizuri?

Vizuri is the innovation hub for AEM Corporation. We help leading companies to make better decisions, mitigate risk, and enhance customer experience. In the best sense, we are not bound by the “lore” of the insurance industry. We bring deep technical expertise and a fresh perspective based on digital transformation efforts with Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries.

Our knowledge of insurance is hard-won. Through work with an increasing number of insurance companies, including a Fortune 100 insurer, insurance companies have become our most important customers. We have developed novel solutions for underwriting and API modernization. We consult on other needs in insurance that require IT expertise, offering tailored solutions for unique business challenges.

This handbook covers the following areas:

  • API Gateways
  • Decision Management
  • Microservice Design
  • Fully Custom-Developed Systems
  • Cloud-Based Saas Products
  • Custom And Cloud-Based Solution
  • Automated Case Management 

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