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How To Manage Business Rules In A Microservices Architecture


Are you looking at next-gen development using a microservices architecture and don’t know what to do with your business rules?

You can integrate with the JBoss BRMS or JBoss BPM Suite for xPaaS to interact with business processes and execute business rules as part of your microservice implementation. Join us for this webinar to learn how business rules engines fit in a microservices architecture and how to orchestrate business rules as a microservice on Red Hat's OpenShift Container Platform.



In this on-demand webinar you'll learn:

  • How to package business rules for deployment in a microservices architecture
  • How to deploy rules microservice on the OpenShift platform
  • How to manage changes to business rules and deploy them with zero downtime 

Meet The Speakers


 Kent Eudy

Technical Director at Vizuri

Kent is a Technical Director responsible for overseeing Microservice Architecture, Enterprise Integration and Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) practice areas. He is an expert at the containerization of applications and container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes and OpenShift.

He has led multiple projects, developing container-driven pipelines to deploy applications to OpenShift. Kent also has more than 30 years of experience working with organizations to evaluate architectural approaches, design extensible solutions, and introduce innovative technologies to improve business agility. He has led development efforts on these technologies for clients in retail, medical, government, and insurance sectors.



Prakash Aradhya

Product Management Director at Red Hat 

Prakash is responsible for driving roadmap and vision for Business Automation platforms namely Red Hat BPM Suite and Red Hat BRMS. Prakash has been driving product management function at Red Hat for 9+ years.

He has over 20+ years of experience working in Middleware industry covering technologies such as BPM, BRMS, SOA, Application Servers etc.

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