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How To Drive Business Value With JBoss BRMS


Want To Effectively Plan, Design, And Implement Business Rules?

Vizuri and Red Hat present to you this unique on-demand webinar that reviews general rules development principles and the soft skills needed before implementing business rules. Learn through a methodical approach how to solve complex business rule problems, which can be difficult to address with traditional programming languages.  Experts from Red Hat and Vizuri provide you with the training and tools necessary for an understanding of how to approach complex patterns, business strategies, processes, and business rules—and then author usable rules into usable software.


The webinar covers topics including:

  • Determining when to use a Rules solution
  • Motivations of Rules-based projects
  • Components of successful Rules projects
  • Effective Rules authoring with Drools and Red Hat JBoss BRMS
  • Dynamic questionnaire example application

This webinar was designed for non-technical people and also serves as an excellent high-level introduction for technical people to Rules. Good candidates include Technical Business Analysts, Enterprise Architects, Rule Authors, and Application Developers.


Meet Your Speakers



Ben-Johan van der Walt
Program Director, Vizuri

Ben-Johan has more than 20 years experience as a Solutions Architect/Engineer/Team Lead. He has strong analytical thinking skills with experience in leading other people in achieving business objectives. His primary focus is on software design, development and systems analysis, as well as software configuration management for multi-tiered systems.

Lately, he is focusing on solving complex knowledge management challenges and developing business processes and rules using leading technologies from Red Hat.


Duncan Doyle
Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat
With a background in Red Hat Consulting and Services, Duncan has worked extensively with large Red Hat customers to build advanced, open-source, business-rules and business process management solutions.
He has a strong background in technologies and concepts like Service Oriented Architecture, Continuous Integration & Delivery, rules engines and BPM platforms and is a subject matter expert (SME) on multiple JBoss Middleware technologies, including, but not limited to, JBoss EAP, HornetQ, Fuse, DataGrid, BRMS and BPM Suite.

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