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Move Faster: Creating, Modifying, and Rapidly Deploying Applications


Develop, Deploy, and Manage your Containers

Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform helps application development and IT operations teams modernize applications, deliver new services, and accelerate development processes. You can create, modify, and rapidly deploy apps on demand in the programming languages you want—and automate the entire process. Multiple deployment models let you easily and quickly build, develop, deploy, and manage in nearly any public or private infrastructure.

By harnessing the power of Red Hat® OpenShift and Intel Xeon processors, organizations can deliver greater workload densities and vastly improve efficiency, free up resources, and cut costs—without sacrificing performance, security, and existing investments—while managing both the guest and host systems, allowing management of workloads and infrastructure within the same system.

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The webinar covers topics including:

  • How to increase flexibility with the right tools and a self-service, on-demand application stack
  • Why managing apps across their life cycle and across any environment improves workflows
  • How to automatically scale and configure multiple applications in response to web traffic
  • How to eliminate barriers while lowering operational costs


Meet Your Speaker



Kent Eudy
Technical Director, Vizuri

Kent is a Technical Director responsible for overseeing Microservice Architecture, Enterprise Integration and Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) practice areas. He is an expert at the containerization of applications and container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes and OpenShift. He has led development efforts on these technologies for clients in various industry sectors such as retail, medical, government, and insurance.


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