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As you probably already know, the role of software in supporting business operations and the of delivery business value has never been greater. This means that keeping up with the demands of the business often requires the integration of packaged, legacy, and custom built applications, cloud services, and other systems across business units, processes, and third-party systems.

Learning about and evaluating the latest integration platforms is often a challenge, however, as it tends to require a good amount of time and effort, and good documentation can be hard to come by. That's why we've created this Fuse Service Works Test Drive - to make it easier for you to jump right in and gain valuable insight solving common integration problems.

This test drive demonstrates integration of the following systems:

  • Order Management System (OMS) – The OMS is responsible for providing order and inventory services.

  • eCommerce – The eCommerce system is responsible for placing orders over the Web and from mobile devices.

  • Point of Sales (POS) – The Point of Sales system is responsible for placing orders at retail locations.

  • EDI – The EDI system is responsible for taking bulk order via EDI files.

In this Test Drive, we will demonstrate Enterprise Integration Patterns (e.g., Message Translator, Message Broker, and Messaging Gateway) implemented using the Fuse Service Works platform and tools to easily solve this integration problem.


This Test Drive from Vizuri demonstrates that by combing the inherent, dynamic scaling characteristics of Red Hat's storage and PaaS products with ownCloud's file sharing services, organizations can build a collaboration portal that becomes the catalyst for their employee-powered idea engine.