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Advanced Container CI/CD Pipeline Orchestration for the OpenShift Environment


Watch this free on-demand webinar from Red Hat, Intel, and Vizuri on best practices for building containers and automating the delivery process.

DevOps processes are ingrained with automation techniques that provide rapid feedback, repeatable processes, and consistent creation of business application systems. With the convergence of multiple systems and IT professionals all focusing on the delivery of these applications, these processes quickly become complex and can seem daunting to implement for the first time.

During the webinar, you will learn about:

  • Developing reusable pipeline steps and functions
  • Code analysis
  • Unit testing and test coverage
  • Gates and approvals
  • Container build strategies
  • Container scanning
  • Container deployment strategies

Who should watch?

  • Developers and technical evangelists
  • Cloud, application, and infrastructure architects
  • IT operations and systems managers

Meet The Speakers


 Kent Eudy

Technical Director at Vizuri

Kent is a Technical Director responsible for overseeing Microservice Architecture, Enterprise Integration and Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) practice areas. He is an expert at containerization of applications using platforms such as Kubernetes and OpenShift and has led multiple projects, developing container-driven pipelines to deploy applications.

Kent brings more than 30 years of experience working with organizations in the retail, medical, government, and insurance sectors to evaluate architectural approaches, design extensible solutions, and introduce innovative technologies to improve business agility.



Brad Sollar

Sr. Solutions Architect at Red Hat 

Brad Sollar is a Senior Solutions Architect at Red Hat where he works primarily with OpenShift & Ansible. He is a fan of all kinds of automation. Brad works on the executive level to help organizations craft IT strategy and direction. He regularly helps Red Hat’s partners and Systems Integrators (SI) understand Red Hat’s technologies by presenting at briefings, workshops, and conferences. In his spare time, he sells a lot of credit spreads and stays theta positive.

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